Another Opportunity For You To Give

I’m copying and re-posting below an update from Sherry Roberts of Loving One by One. Sherry has been in Uganda for the past 5 or 6 weeks, working with two teams of people in the poorest areas of Kampala.

No pressure here, but if you’ve thought about possibly making a donation to LOBO at some point, now would be a great time. The team has been able to take care of many serious medical issues, and they are facing more. However, that means more cost is involved.

So read Sherry’s post below, and if this is something you’d like to help with, click on the Loving One by One link on this page, and make a donation. Make sure you specify that it’s for “Emergency Medical Needs.”  If you need help or would like further information, contact me and I’ll hook you up!

 Update on all the special cases so far. Helen who is 9 month pregnant in the Acholi quarters with baby in the breach position. She lost TWO babies at birth in the past 2 years who were breached. She went to the government hospital and when they discover that this baby was breached they said they couldn’t help her unless she has the money for the C-Section. A couple of calls were made and we are arranging for her to have a C-Section possibly this week. Please pray for a healthy baby and safe delivery. 

Also, little 2 1/2 year old Vulgate (means Gloria) has waited for almost 2 months for her surgery. She has ALL her intestines on the outside of her little body wrapped in a plastic bag. Her Father (a pastor) traveled from the Kenya border with Vulgate. I was able to get the HOME number chief of surgeons of all of Uganda (Dr. Sam’s eldest brother) and he put me in touch another Doctor whom I’ve already called and this doctor promised that she will have her surgery this week. I will be following up with this doctor tomorrow! 

We also have a couple of boys and a man needing hernia surgeries when the team leaves. We have two children with large growths on the necks that need to be removed through surgery. 

Baby Mathias may be needing heart surgery in August – he is our preemie baby we are trying to fattening up for surgery – he has three holes in his heart. 

6 year old Ignicous in the process of treating his cancer on his tongue – returning to the hospital in three weeks. Two burn children were taken to the hospital clinic for treatment of their burns and will be followed up daily. 7 week Pregnant Florence with the tumor will be checked again this week. 

As you can see God has been opening up many doors for us to be able to assist those in need. We have no budget for these special cases and know that somehow God will provide. We don’t want to turn anyone away because of lack of funding. Please pray that God will make a way where there seems to be no way.


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