Again With the Nets

Last week in my post 250 Nets, I told you about Loving One by One’s project to purchase  mosquito nets for all the households in a particular neighborhood outside of Kampala. It’s the neighborhood where LOBO is building a new school and children’s home, and it’s part of their hope to be good neighbors, along with the other long-reaching work they do. For more info, go back and read the 250 Nets post.

A few more specifics. LOBO is continuing this project through December, so we have time. That’s good, because we have a ways to go to reach the charleysblog goal of 250 nets. At this point, we have about 15 nets. In math language, “a ways” = the distance between the 250 nets needed, and the 15 nets already obtained.

I’m not too concerned, because this is only late September, and we have a few months to accomplish the net goal. But that can also turn into a problem, because I know what a lot of you are thinking: “We have plenty of time. Charley just needs to relax with the net thing.” And then you’ll keep thinking that, and pretty soon it’ll be the end of December, and you’ll want to send nets, and it’ll be too late. Then a few months after that, when a Ugandan guy is lying in his net-less bed at night trying to sleep and suddenly hears that high-pitched “hmmmmmmmmmmmm” and feels the tickle by his ear and thinks, “Well, here comes the malaria,**” it’ll be because there weren’t quite enough nets to go around and he decided to go without.

So don’t be responsible for the “hmmmmmmmmmmmm” the Ugandan guy hears late at night, and especially don’t be responsible for the subsequent malaria that often follows the high-pitched “hmmmmmmmmmmm.” Send your donation to Loving One by One right away, so you don’t forget. Any amount is fine; the nets are $10 each. But remember our added premium PBS-like bonus…. for those generous donors who purchase 5 nets for a total of $50, I’ll send them a signed copy of my book, “Waking Up in Africa.” The signed book may be actually signed by me, or any other human being of my choosing, which adds another layer of excitement to an already cool offer.

So click on that LOBO link to your right, go to the “donate”section, and have at it. If you have any questions, let me know.

And when you make your net donation, let me know so I can keep track of how close we are getting to our goal. Oh, and send you the randomly-signed book as well.

***Actually, the Ugandan guy would probably follow his statement with a “yes please.” So it’d be more like, “Well, here comes the malaria. Yes, please.”  You’ll need to read my book to understand that. Anyway, just buy some nets already.


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