The Challenges of the Weekend

I had a good weekend, and even though today is Monday, Mondays still sort of seem like weekend days for me. I don’t have school classes on Mondays, and it’s a relaxing day with a few private students, and some time to get ready for the rest of the week.

However, although the weekend was good, it was not without its challenges – unfair, grueling, horrible challenges. Here are some of the things I had to deal with…

A new update to my iPhone – this whole IOS 6 thing has made some of my apps go a little haywire;

Transferring old files/photos/music from my PC to my Mac – again, this whole thing is much too complicated;

Taking over an hour to make the 30-minute drive to Hollywood last night for church, AND having to park a block away, ON THE 5th LEVEL of the parking structure, AND getting a bad seat because we were late, again because of the traffic and the parking structure.

And even more unfair stuff happened over the weekend, too. It was rough.

Meanwhile, in a little village about an hour outside Kampala, Uganda, they had their own weekend challenges as well….

Affording food;

Finding clean water, or just drinking the dirty water that seems readily available;

Being eaten alive (OK that’s an exaggeration, but “bitten a lot”) by malaria-spreading mosquitoes while they sleep.

And a lot of other unfair stuff, too.

I’ll take my weekend over theirs anytime. You’ll probably take yours over theirs, too. But even if your weekend was grueling like mine, take a moment to click the link to the right for Loving One by One, go to “donate,” and help with my project to purchase 250 Nets for this little village. It’ll make you feel better. Then email me at and let me know, so I’ll know how we’re progressing toward our goal.

I hope your weekend was better than mine. If I have to put up with these electronic and traffic situations much longer I’ll probably crack under the pressure.


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