Merry Christmas: Awe, Inspiration and Gratitude

The staff here at charleysblog is taking a moment away from our usual sarcastic responsibilities to say Merry Christmas. Not Happy Holidays, because that’s kind of hollow and cliche. There’s no sense of awe and inspiration in Happy Holidays.

But Merry Christmas is full of awe and inspiration. God came, for us. So that’s what we celebrate.

The other thing, besides awe and inspiration I want you to feel is gratitude. Not guilt, but gratitude. If you have a lot, and are able to give a lot – then give it and go crazy, and be grateful. If you have a little, be thankful and have fun with it and enjoy the people around you. Invite someone over who never does anything on Christmas.

If you wish you had more and are stressed/bummed/envious instead of joyful this Christmas, let me share with you a photo I took last summer. A Ugandan family lives in this house…

2013-07-15 11.12.29

I’m not showing you the photo to make you feel guilty if you have a better house than that. Enjoy your house, and make it as festive as you can. I am, however, showing it to you to make you feel grateful. And if you have a better house than this, you need to share some of what you have with people who live in places like this. That’s it – just a thought. No pressure.

So this Christmas – feel the awe and inspiration. Don’t settle for a generic weak “holiday.” Find the God who has come for you. And be grateful and share.







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