New Stuff for 2014

How’s that for a creative title? Oh sure, I could have tried to say something that rhymed with “2014,” something inspiring, to show how clever I am. But since nothing inspiring rhymes with “2014,” I opted for the straightforward approach. Here’s some new stuff going on for me in 2014.

1.  I’m not going to Uganda this year, although I wish I was. I’ve had the opportunity to work there twice with Loving One by One, and am tentatively planning it again for 2015. However, I have recently joined the board of directors of Loving One by One (LOBO), and so while I won’t actually be in Uganda this year, I’m honored, and more than a little humbled, to be a small part of keeping the wheels moving and making plans for LOBO’s work in Uganda. Fun stuff (If you want to know more about LOBO’s work in Uganda, or if you might even want to go over there yourself, contact me).

2.  I’ve dropped out of the Foghorn Swing Band. Oh no! Yes, you heard it here first – my big band days are over for now. No more packing up a large keyboard, amp, stand and other stuff and driving to Long Beach every Tuesday night (Although I’m on call as a substitute, so you never know. I may still swing a little this year).

3.  I’m using 2014 to further advance my piano technician skills. Many years ago I went to a school in L.A. to learn how to tune and repair pianos, and while I learned enough to do some basic tuning and simple repairs, there is a lot more I don’t know in that field than what I do know. So I’m committing a little less to other things this year (like the big band), enrolling in a new course, and cleaning my garage to be able to once again tear apart pianos in there and hopefully put them back together.

4.  Accepting a challenge from a friend, I’ve joined a “50 Books in 2014” group on Facebook. In case the name isn’t clear, the members of the group have committed to reading 50 books in 2014. So by the end of the year I’ll not only be able to fix more piano issues, but I may be a lot smarter, too.

5.  Finally, I’ve been trying to get started on a new book since last fall (writing one, not reading). However, I’ve hit roadblock after roadblock. So those of you who pray, pray that I’ll be able to get that project started because I think it’s an important story and I want to tell it.

So that’s it – not so much resolutions, as much as new things already under way. Happy New Year.


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I offer piano tuning, repair and maintenance in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.
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