Important Hawaiian Legislation

This just in…. Hawaii is considering making the ukulele the official state instrument.

Stop and let that sink in for a moment. Hawaii is considering (not actually doing it yet, because a step like this requires the utmost care, but considering it) making the ukulele (not the pipe organ or the tuba or the Eb clarinet or the vibraslap) its official state instrument.

When I heard about this, I had several reactions…

1. As a known ukulele fan, it’s always nice to see the little thing get recognition. So that’s a good thing.

2. As a practical guy, I’m thinking – why not? The little things are as ubiquitous as surfers over there, and since you can’t really play music on a surfer, I’d probably vote for the ukulele.

3.  As a guy who has a general distrust/distaste/lack of respect for all politicians and lawmakers everywhere, I’m thinking – This is what you guys in the Hawaiian legislature are working on? Is there a downturn in ukulele usage that you’re trying to reverse? Are you trying to raise awareness of the ukulele in a state where pretty much everyone already owns and plays one? And possibly the biggest thing – what are you accomplishing by making anything the “official instrument” of Hawaii? 

4. And finally, as a guy who really hates doing obvious things (like, for example, making the ukulele the official instrument of Hawaii), I’d suggest picking a different instrument. Just to show the rest of the country, and the world, that you’re not afraid to step out of the box. 

If I’m not mistaken, the accordion is available (probably because no other state wants it). 


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