Abandoning Facebook for Lent

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The title says it all – for the next six weeks or so, I’m not using Facebook. That’s kind of a big deal for me, because I use Facebook quite a bit – and that’s the problem. I use it way, way too much. Facebook became part of my life during a fairly dark period a few years ago, when I was living alone, and I just always had the computer on that page, even when I was doing other things. It was a way to stay connected, without really having to actually stay connected.

But now that I’m past all that and living a somewhat normal life, I don’t like what Facebook does to me. I’m not saying everyone has these problems, but for me, Facebook feeds some things in me that can be pretty ugly. For example, I can be a fairly critical person, and Facebook is a veritable cornucopia of things to make fun of. I mean really, people post the dumbest things. See? Right there, I did it again.

Facebook also brings out a little bit of the narcissist in me. I’m pretty sure I’m not an actual, diagnosable narcissist, but I have to admit at times I like all the “likes” a little too much. There’s a fine line between enjoying being noticed, and needing to be noticed. I’m not sure if I’ve crossed that line, but I do think I’ve come dangerously close.

For a non-liturgical guy like me, the idea of giving up things for Lent, or even Lent itself, is a little foreign. The churches I grew up in didn’t know Lent from lint, and the churches I worked in and led throughout the late 80’s through the early 2000’s didn’t really acknowledge it either (I mean, we didn’t acknowledge Lent; we did occasionally notice lint and acknowledged it accordingly, like we might say, “someone needs to get the lint off of the carpet.”).

But I now attend a church that, while not being exactly liturgical, has a foot in the liturgical world. Well, maybe not a whole foot – more like a toe, but there’s definitely enough of a body part there that we do observe Lent. So since that church is now a part of my life, and since they’re nice enough to let me attend and sometimes play the piano and ukulele there, I thought it’d be good to jump in all the way with this Lent thing and give up something. So, Facebook got the axe.

So what am I doing with my time now? Reading more, playing the piano, guitar and ukulele more, talking to people more, and other healthy stuff. Like today, I went for a walk and took the photo at the top of this post.

Here’s the crazy part, but I’ll just have to let you figure this part out, if it even matters to you. Since I write a blog, I like it if people read the blog. And many people link to my blog from Facebook. So, when I write a post over the next six weeks (like this one), I’ll still be linking it to Facebook. THAT DOESN’T MEAN I’M ACTUALLY SPENDING TIME ON FACEBOOK – IT’S JUST A LINK, PEOPLE. I’m pressing a button on my blog site, and it’s going to Facebook. If you comment about the blog, on Facebook, I won’t know about it. Not that you can’t comment if you want to, but I’M NOT THERE.  But the fun part is,  you can say all kinds of funny things about me, and it’s fine, because I won’t know about it.

But if you want to make comments that I’ll actually see and read, you’ll need to comment here on the blogsite. Hope that’s not a big problem.

See you on the Book of Faces, maybe, in about six weeks. And in the meantime, I’ll see you here. If you comment.


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  1. Nancy Freytes-Gomez says:

    Charley, I will miss your funny, sarcastic humor on Facebook. You make me smile.
    But I think it’s great what you’re doing.
    See you in 6 weeks! XO

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