Top Ten Ways “Let it Go” Could Be Worse

It’s been a while since we’ve had a good Top Ten List here on the blog, and I’ve also been inundated with that “Let it Go” song from “Frozen” all week. So, what better time. As much as that song annoys most people, here are the Top Ten Ways “Let it Go” Could Be Worse:

10.  The Chipmunks could sing it;

9.    They could use the word “fractals” more often;

8.   There could be a country version;

7.   There could be a “Let it Go” night on American Idol (this will actually probably happen);

6.   Johnny Cash could have lived a little longer, and recorded it;

5.   It could be sung 4 times in a school talent show, held outdoors on a really hot day (oh wait…);

4.   There could be a marching band version;

3.   There could be an Indian sitar version;

2.   A Christian band could find a way to rip it off, change some of the words and assign a spiritual meaning to it;

And the #1 reason…..

1.  Bob Dylan could sing it!!



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