Dear Mr. Miller…

2014-06-06 19.27.52Today I got a nice collection of thank-you letters from 6th graders. I’ve spent more years with  these kids than with any other class, so it was fun and gratifying to read what they had to say. And, while I want to make very clear that I like these kids and was really touched by much of what they wrote, I also saw a prime opportunity to have fun with these letters on the blog. So, here are some fun excerpts.

Dear Mr. Miller….. I am so glad I can play a ukulele and I am sure it can only be taught by a true genius! (An insightful child)

Dear Mr. Miller, Thank you for the informative slideshow you gave us on June 4. It was quite interesting and gave me a first-hand look at what Uganda was like. It really opened my eyes to the suffering of its people….. On a lighter note, I am thankful that you taught me how to play the ukulele! (Always nice to juxtapose suffering with ukulele playing).

Dear Mr. Miller…. I am incredibly interested in LOBO (Loving One by One) and wish to participate in that when I am older. I also thought it was hilarious when you told us about Henry…. He seems like a very nice man (NOTE: She’s only saying that because she doesn’t actually know Henry.)

Dear Mr. Miller…. I never knew the people living in Uganda had it so harsh.

Dear Mr. Miller….. Thank you for teaching the ways of the ukulele (Like it’s all Zen-like and mysterious).

And finally, two that aren’t so much funny, as they are humbling and inspiring….

Dear Mr. Miller,  I really enjoyed your presentation today…… Now I have a goal to travel to an area in poverty and try to help as a missionary. (Believe me, this kid will do it).


Dear Mr. Miller…. You have really done something with your life and I would love to help someday. Making kids that don’t have that much happy would make me feel so noble inside. I really appreciate you opening up my eyes to a whole different world.

That last one came from a kid who has had a horrible year, including the death of a parent.  A lot of people have been in his life to try to provide direction and inspiration – I’m just thankful to have had a small part in renewing some hope for this guy.

Thanks, Sixth Grade! Have a great summer.



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1 Response to Dear Mr. Miller…

  1. Candy says:

    You’ve definitely made an impact on them (and probably more than you’ll ever know!)

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