Running Thoughts In My Head After a Week In the Orchestra Pit

PDVD_063The title says it – I just spent a week directing music for a theater production. It went very well, it’s all done, and now I’m at Wahoo’s Fish Tacos in Torrance, CA, eating a quesadilla and thinking very random thoughts as my brain recovers from the craziness of 7 days in the orchestra pit:

I’m tired… I’m hungry… This is a good quesadilla… It’s so weird that Wahoo’s is always playing surfing videos…. I should learn to surf…. I bet I’m not too old to become a professional surfer…. I’ll stick with music… I’m so lucky to know so many good musicians…. I can’t figure out what kept going wrong with Song #8A…. That old guy is wearing Levi’s – it’s so weird that Levi’s have that label with the size on it…. Why are Levi’s so expensive…. Hey, he wears my size…. Maybe I should get his name and contact info in case I need to ever borrow jeans… It’s a good thing I rarely drink because this Corona is really good…. The Levi’s guy’s wife would probably think I’m weird if I asked about the contact info for the jeans…. Maybe that’s not even his wife… Seven piano lessons and a rehearsal tomorrow…. I wish “Good Wife” was still on…. That last “Good Wife” episode was dumb…. I should probably go

There. My brain needed to get all that out. It was a good week in the pit.



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  1. Follower says:

    New blog idea? Life in the Pits?

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