Fun Signs From the Bus

In Uganda, we spend much of our two weeks on a bus, for hours at a time. Everything we do is far away, but if you want to get in there and help people in some of those out-of-the-way places, there’s no other way. Your butt will become good friends with our bus.

For today’s short and fun blog post, here are a few photos taken of Ugandan signs, from the bus with my iPhone. That means they’re not the best quality, because usually we were moving (at least a little bit). But here they are, with explanatory commentary gladly provided…


Milk for your baby, presumably quite pure.


I saw this billboard all over the place. This guy is really, really happy about his data plan.


Not happy with your job? Maybe you need to change to Panda Copy Paper.


Trespassers will be persecuted. Not prosecuted, because that’s all legal and boring. Our trespassers will be poked and prodded and hassled to death.


Jeez. I’m not ready either.


“Divert” means the same thing as “detour” here in the U.S. But something about the “divert” sign, and the little girl sitting by it, caught my attention. Too many people are diverting their attention away from these kids.


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