My Wife’s Left Foot

After years of thinking about it, Kelley finally did it today. She got a tattoo.

We actually, as a family, spent the afternoon at a tattoo parlor in beautiful downtown San Pedro. Definitely not the kind of family outing my family would have done when I was growing up in a conservative Southern Baptist pastor’s home. It’s a little different world than I normally hang out in, but it was a pretty interesting place. A good coffee bar wouldn’t have killed them, but oh well.

I dropped the girls off and went to park the car. Then when I came in, the receptionist didn’t know I was with Kelley and Courtney, so she asked if she could help me. I said, “Yes, I’d like to get my ears and nipples done, please.” But I don’t think I was believable.

In tattoo parlors, you won’t find…

Magazines like Time, Newsweek or Sports Illustrated. Or Dog Owner’s World or Martha Stewart Living or Modern Bride. (Instead, you’ll find several publications that feature tattoo-related articles and photos).

You also won’t find people who dress like me. Hey, I’m not a nerdy dresser, but I was a little out of my clothing element there. Maybe my good friend Fr. Rich could hang there; he wears a lot of black.

You are likely to find…

Friendly, outgoing people who are very comfortable in their own (decorated) skin;

Strange smells resulting from various inks, cigarette smoke, and the smell of burning flesh;

Occasional sounds representing pain;

Cool products like “Tattoo Goo;”

Women in their late 30’s to late 40’s, coming in to ask questions because they’re thinking about getting tattoos.

So after my first visit to So Cal Tattoos, I can honestly say this is one art form that’s definitely not for me. However, as a guy who really enjoys artists of all kinds, these are some pretty interesting people that I wouldn’t mind hanging out with again. Maybe I can get Kelley to get another one.

Anyway, for all your tattooing, piercing and other body art needs, visit…
So Cal Tattoo


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2 Responses to My Wife’s Left Foot

  1. Anonymous says:

    As cool as it looks in the picture, its even prettier in person!
    Kelley, you rock!
    Cindy 🙂

  2. joannmski says:

    Wow! Lovely! And such the adventure. That is cool.

  3. kansasscott says:

    Hey, my wife wants to get a tattoo, too. Maybe they need to get together!

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