Slowing Down?

Last night, Kelley and I went to see Eric Clapton at the Staples Center in L.A.

You know, I remember reading somewhere recently that he feels his guitar playing is “slowing down.” From what I could tell last night, he has nothing to worry about!

He had a few other guitarists with him, both of whom were very good. One of those guys, at the age of 27, is considered by Rolling Stone Magazine to be “one of the world’s top 100 guitarists.” Clapton, being the generous, low-key guy he is, pretty much let these other two guys shine on the first three or four songs, choosing to let them take the solos and be flashy while he played very conservatively.

Then, he kicked it into high gear, and I realized that while the other guys were nothing to sneeze at (and truly, I didn’t sneeze even once the entire evening), Eric is in a different category altogether.

So I’m not going for this “slowing down” nonsense. Hopefully when I’m my my 60’s, I can “slow down” even a small fraction as well.


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