What Golf Does To You

I used to play golf. I wasn’t very good at it, but I really liked it.

Then, I got away from it. It was a really dumb thing that pulled me away from it – seven years ago I broke my leg. It wasn’t that bad of a break, but during the few months of healing, I got out of the routine of playing. Then a lot of crazy things happened in my church and in my life that year (the year 2000), and I just never got around to playing golf.

I’ve really been missing the game, and the past few years as I’ve been in school, I’ve been thinking about starting it again. I really need to do something, because there was so much reading and sitting for school, that I became rather physically inactive.

Anyway, today I dug my old clubs out of the garage, and went to the driving range. I managed to hit a few decent shots; not a lot, but enough to begin the addiction again. And just from my little re-introduction to the game today, I noticed a few things golf does to you…

1.  It makes you want to buy stuff. I was only actually on the driving range about 45 minutes, if that much. But I felt compelled to stop by Sports Authority tonight and look at golf stuff.

2.  It makes you feel like you can justify being late when you go places, if there’s a driving range on the way.

3.  It gives you at least one thing in common with THIS GUY…          


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1 Response to What Golf Does To You

  1. joannmski says:

    I think we should make a post on all of the things you have in common with that guy.

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