By Special Request – Things I Have in Common With OJ

Normally I don’t take requests – but, given the odd nature of this one, I couldn’t resist. It comes from our good friends at Joann’s Blog Adventure

“I think we should make a post on all of the things you have in common with that guy.” (“That Guy” = OJ).

So here we go… I love a Blog Challenge!!

1.  We have both lived in California (I, however, have never been forced to leave because of legal action against me);

2.  We have both been at 875 Bundy in Los Angeles (I, however, have merely driven past, whereas OJ seems to have spent time there);

3.  We have both been to Las Vegas (I, however, was allowed to leave – OJ so far is stuck there);

4.  We have both seen the inside of a jail (I, however, was just visiting, and probably won’t be going back for any long-term basis);

5.  We both married blonde women (again, a very different outcome there);

6.  We both “played” at USC (OJ played football, whereas I was near a piano once when I was visiting there and played a few notes);

7.  We have both ridden in Ford Bronco’s before on the 405 Freeway (although I don’t believe I’ve ever laid down in the backseat);

8.  We both enjoy golf;

9.  Years ago, OJ was a spokesman for Hertz Rent a Car – and I have rented cars before;

10.  We both claim to have never killed anyone.

**Note – the above post was merely an attempt at humor. My apologies to anyone who may have been offended. If you were offended in any way, let me deeply say this – it was all Joann’s fault.


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2 Responses to By Special Request – Things I Have in Common With OJ

  1. Miss Cindy :) says:

    I’m not sure if you already got this, so I’ll risk repeating.

    11. OJ used to toss the old “pig skin” out on the football field. I’ve seen you toss back some cooked pig (including skin) when we were at that luau in Hawaii.

    12. OJ appeared in “Naked Gun”. I’m no brain surgeon, but something tells me you’ve been naked once or twice in your life.

    13. Rosie Grier visited him when he was in jail in LA. You played songs about a girl named “Rosie” this past Summer.

    Looking forward to more additions! 🙂

  2. joannmski says:

    14. OJ goes by a nickname (given name = Orenthal James). You go by a nick name (given name = Charles).

    15. You both didn’t get fed lunch by the Promise Keepers. Him, because he was not there. You, because, well, that’s a whole ‘nother 10 items…

    16. OJ wears gloves, as we know, and I do believe I have seen you wear a glove before.

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