I’m Just Not In a Blogging Mood, But…

There’s never a bad time to make fun of American Idol (which I like by the way), or Hillary Clinton (who I’m less enthusiatic about). So I’ll make the effort here…

On American Idol – I agree with everything written on Joann’s Blog Adventure. I’d also like to add that it’s ironic that the judges complain about the contestants’ karaoke-like performances, yet the producers insist on making the contestants open the shows with these goofy, embarrassing, karaoke-like group numbers.

On Hillary – after facing some tough days in N. Carolina and Indiana, prominent Democrats are urging her to drop out of the election. She, of course, refuses to do that. I also heard today that she would like to remind people that her husband, Bill, didn’t clinch the 92 Democratic nomination until June of that year (therefore, it’s OK if SHE takes a while to clinch it as well).

What Hillary may not understand is – Bill has a likeable personality. She, on the other hand, doesn’t. That may be something for her to consider.

By the way – my ranting would be more efficient if Hillary Clinton would audition for American Idol. Can someone make that happen?


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