A Note to The Verizon People

Can all of you Verizon guys please get together in one room and agree on just exactly what the rules are going to be regarding my account?

Do I have to wait until September 15 to upgrade at special prices (i.e. cheap) like the guy in the store says, or can I upgrade with special pricing on July 15, like the lady on the phone says? Or, can I do it now, like the thing I got in the mail says?

And if/when I upgrade our phones, is it just MY phone that’s eligible for special (cheap) pricing, or is it the other two phones on our plan? Because the store guy thinks it’s all the phones, whereas the lady on the Verizon customer service line says it’s just my line. And the guy in the store says I have to pay a $20 per phone fee on the other two phones when I upgrade, but not on my phone; probably – he’s not exactly sure. He is, however, pretty clear that he gets paid on commission; he mentioned that to me several times today for some reason.

And don’t even go there on the Verizon website – they have one set of prices for my phone, another set for our other two phones, and those prices are different than the prices quoted by both the store guy, and the lady at Verizon customer service.

So Verizon – get together and figure out your crazy-a** rules. And then maybe someone should write them down, and make sure everyone gets a copy of the same list.


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1 Response to A Note to The Verizon People

  1. michele says:

    i think it all depends on whether you are trying to sell something, or whether you are trying to get out of something…

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