Bonus Sunday Night Post – Fun At Catalina Coffee

Catalina Coffee in Redondo Beach is a cool place to hang out and unwind on Sunday nights. I have pretty busy weekends, so there’s nothing like sitting in there, having some good coffee, messing with my computer, watching people, and smelling the ocean across the street.

If you are ever hanging out at Catalina Coffee on a Sunday night, which happens to be “Barbershop Quartet Night,” here’s something fun to do:

1.  Bring your computer or I-Pod or other listening device

2.  Plug in your headphones and listen to your favorite cool music

3.  Watch the Barbershop Quartet singers, who are usually about twice your age, and keeping your headphones on so you only hear your music and not theirs, imagine that they’re singing the cool music you’re hearing on your I-pod.

HA HA HA – funny stuff.


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