The Whacky Prom Limo

Last night was the Torrance High School Prom, which the Lovely Miss Courtney and this guy in the photo attended. He’s not a boyfriend, but he is a friend. He’s a decent guy and I’ve met him before, but since I AM the dad after all, it’s my responsibility to not like him. So I don’t. By the way, the house in the background isn’t our house; it’s our neighbor’s house. Our house is just to the left of Courtney’s left elbow. The tree, however, is ours.

Anyway, Courtney and about a billion of her friends rented a limo together. The big house in the background isn’t ours, either.

Here was the plan:

1.  The limo was to come to one of the friends’ houses at 6pm

2.  The limo was to then transport the prom-goers to the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, on Hollywood Blvd and Highland Ave, in Hollywood, California, and get them there in time for pre-prom photos at 7pm

3.  The limo was to return the aforementioned prom-goers to the same house, at which point the prom-goers would all find something to do and eventually make it home.

Of the three points above, only #3 actually happened as scheduled. They did all get back to the house, and hung out together the rest of the night until morning.

Let me just say to all limousine service owners out there – Those cars are pretty expensive to rent. It probably wouldn’t kill you to put little GPS things in them. If our limo had had one of those things, then maybe I wouldn’t have had to talk to the driver on the phone (a non-English speaking driver by the way), give directions to him THREE TIMES, and then actually get in my car and go find him and lead him back to the house. 

Also, a little GPS thing would have probably ensured that the limo would have gone to the Hollywood ROOSEVELT Hotel, not the Hollywood RENAISSANCE Hotel, which is an entirely different place, with an entirely different high school’s prom going on. The prom-goers were quick to point out his mistake, and he managed to get them down the street to the right place eventually.

I’m telling you – if Obama and I win this election, the first thing we’re going to do – before dealing with the war, the economy or anything else – is establish a law requiring limo’s to have GPS things in them.

Anyway, Courtney says she had a great time, and she seems to be in one piece. That’s the most important thing. The second most important thing – every limo rider paid their share, so no one (i.e., me) got stuck with too much of the limo bill.


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2 Responses to The Whacky Prom Limo

  1. joannmski says:

    She looks so lovely!!! Glad they had fun even with the issues…

  2. Miss Cindy :) says:

    WOW!!! Courtney looks just gorgeous!! Glad that the limo had his own personal GPS (i.e. YOU) to help get them to their destinations!! We took similar pics like this Sat. night, too!! They ended up in San Pedro though (like they were supposed to!) 🙂

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