Reminder to Obama

Barak –

Congratulations on winning the nomination, as least “presumptively” as they say on the news. But as you can probably guess, I’m writing about the vice-president thing.

I know you’ve been busy and may not have had time to keep up with my blog as you might like to. In that event, I’m providing this helpful link for you, describing the merits of choosing me as your running mate. Sure, anyone can do the “obvious” thing and go with Hillary, but really, do you want to have to deal with her nutty husband hanging around all the time telling you what to do?

So – take a few days off to rest, and while you’re at it, get back to my blog. Oh, and just so there’s no misunderstanding, my offer to be your veep is not a promise to vote for you; I probably won’t be doing that.

**By the way, not about Obama but about elections in general – why does it take so long to count votes? They have these little things called computers now; seems like the results should be fairly instantaneous.


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2 Responses to Reminder to Obama

  1. joannmski says:

    If we go to Chuck E Cheese, they have a nice machine that counts tickets right away. Maybe we can take our ballots to Chuck E Cheese.

  2. Miss Cindy :) says:

    Dear Mr. Miller,

    Thank you for your interest in being my VP. I’ve handed over your information to the team. Nice blog.
    On a personal note… what’s all this jive about not going to vote for me, “fool!”?? Don’t make me start making “Yo mama’ references.
    A Mad Brotha (who just happened to forward this on to Miss Cindy!)

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