I’m Back, and I Have a New Friend

Two long days of flying, but I’m back from Oklahoma, where the waiving wheat can sure smell sweet, not to mention all them surreys with the fringe on top.

The trip was successful – Mom was delivered in one piece. We almost missed the plane in L.A., but got to have a wild wheelchair ride from the front of the terminal all the way to the farthest gate possible while we kept hearing our names being paged throughout the airport. Then things calmed down from there.

And I have a new friend – Judy, my niece’s dog. Judy is part German Shepherd, and part lab of some sort. Basically, she looks like a german shepherd in her coloring, but has funny ears. She didn’t like me at first, but in a few minutes we became best friends because, like all animals, Judy and I share the same brain and speak the same language. The photo below was taken with my Blackberry with the uber-flash, which gives her those freaky Little Orphan Annie eyes, but she’s actually pretty cool.

Hoping to get back there in a few months and visit Judy again (and the rest of the relatives as well).


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1 Response to I’m Back, and I Have a New Friend

  1. joannmski says:

    Glad mom is safe and sound! And nice that you got a little aerobic exercise in there as well.

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