The Good, Bad & Ugly @ School

The following happened at school today: (Keep in  mind I spent the weekend flying back and forth to Oklahoma, and was a little jetlagged all day).

The Good – In 1st grade, I was getting the class ready to start working on the school Christmas program. To get them in the mood, I had them just singing Christmas songs for fun, and one of them was “Away in a Manger,” because they said they knew it. They didn’t  know it that well, so I would occasionally give cues for the lyrics – Me: “…the stars” – Them: “The stars in the sky…” – Me: “Looked down” – Them: they all stopped singing and looked down at the floor. They thought I was telling them to look down. It was the funniest thing I’d seen all day.

The Bad – The Bad Class, the Xth Graders I’ve referred to before, were pretty crazy today, but it turns out those loudmouths can actually sing pretty well. I had to kick two of them out, and those two are hovering dangerously close to getting suspended (whoo hoo), but the rest of those nutballs actually turned things around and used their voices for good and not just for evil. So really, “The Bad” wasn’t all that bad today.

The Ugly – In my first class this morning, a kid threw up. In class. IN MY ROOM. For a long time; I mean, I’ve never seen so much barf, so many times, come out of a small kid. Good thing I didn’t have my guitar out at the time; he would have somehow found the soundhole and filled that puppy with puke, too. The class all freaked out of course, and I had to move them to a new room, while the kid grabbed a small trash can outside and continued barfing. For all I know, 10 hours later, he may very well still be barfing. (Later on, I told the class that I hired the kid to do it, and if they didn’t quit bugging me I was going to hire someone else to do it next week).


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2 Responses to The Good, Bad & Ugly @ School

  1. joannmski says:

    Oh, wow. I don’t know if I think that is gross or funny. I think it is both. That’s good comedy right there.

  2. Miss Cindy :) says:

    Um, with acting gigs few and far between…how much do you pay and what time do I show up after the buffet?? heehee XO

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