Elementary Teachers & Rainy Days

On rainy days, elemtary school teachers are my heroes. They have to put up with bored, antsy kids INDOORS all day.

Today, like most of my days at school, was pretty smooth. Kids came to my cool music room for a half hour, then I sent them back to their classes. They were a little bouncing-off-the-walls when I got them, but I just made them sing loud fast songs and let them dance, and then sent them back.

Regular teachers, on the other hand, have them most of the day. They have them when it’s not quite raining yet, but sort of raining, and the office makes the “keep them inside” announcement over the PA system. They have them inside when their DVD players for some reason decide not to work so they can’t show movies while they’re all stuck together in the room at lunch.

So elementary teachers, I take my hat off to you. Well, not literally because if I did, I’d have an unsightly dent around my head. But figuratively, I take it off. Good job.

**By the way, tomorrow we’re expecting more rain. Also, the above photo is NOT one of the teachers or students. It’s just a picture I stole from Flickr.


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1 Response to Elementary Teachers & Rainy Days

  1. mmichele says:

    you keep them inside for RAIN? people in soCal are so wimpy.

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