Sam Ash Adventure

Today I went to Sam Ash Music Store. That’s something I do a lot; however, today I got to go during work, for work. We were having rehearsals all day at my school for an event tomorrow, and during this morning’s rehearsal a vital expensive piece of sound equipment died.

**For the record, even though it died while I was using it, it wasn’t my fault. This thing has been unreliable and on its way out ever since I got the job, and I’m now in my third year. I’ve been keeping it alive on life support that whole time. So there.

Anyway, working at this particular school is a great thing, and going to Sam Ash is a great thing. Combining  them is a really great thing.

The sales guy, a young guy with kind of a California, musician, surfer type of voice, was really helpful. And throughout what turned out to be a complicated process, I thanked him many times, and he always said, “Hey, it’s what we do (imagine a California, musician, surfer type of voice).”

The last thing in the “it’s what we do” category was when he carried this heavy piece of equipment to the car for me. When I opened the back of the car, the Lovely Miss Courtney’s snowboard was in there because it hasn’t been unloaded from her trip a week ago. So the sales guy said, “Whoa. Who rides?”

I told him, and he said, “Hey, what’s her name? I might know her. I know a lot of people who ride.” I told him her name, but he said, “No man, I don’t know her.”

I thought about giving the guy Courtney’s cell phone number, which is the 21st century equivalent of offering my daughter’s hand in marriage, just because he had been so helpful – not to mention entertaining. But I decided not to do that, and when I saw Courtney later tonight, she assured me that I had made the right decision.

Hey, it’s what I do.


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6 Responses to Sam Ash Adventure

  1. Tracy Schiller says:

    Charley, there’s one thing I can count on. Reading your blog will always either brighten my day, make me think, or bring me to my knees! Keep ’em coming, brother!

  2. joannmski says:

    Miss Courtenia should not be so closed minded! Certainly, this was a good fella.

  3. Miss Cindy :) says:

    Ahhh that Christians were so good at what Jesus does that people kept being thankful for us to be able to say, “Hey, it’s what we do!” Here’s to entertaining and good customer service, and dad’s open to a new boyfriend!! XO

  4. Cindy Gillam says:

    You’re a crack up….

  5. Cindy Gillam says:

    I mean…you made me laugh today….that was very cute

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