Answering the “How’s it Goin” Question

People keep asking, and I’m gratified that y’all are interested. So in a list of random statements, here’s how life has been the past few days:

That semi-high-pitched sound I keep hearing at regular intervals turns out not to be my cell phone, computer, or any other high tech thing – it’s the lighthouse;

Nice to have windows on three sides. NOT nice to discover I suck at washing windows. Gotta get better at the no streak thing;

TV isn’t working yet because of a cable issue. They’re going to get it working, but I have to say I don’t miss it so far;

Lest the previous comment make you think I’ve turned into a completely organic hippie stare-at-the-ocean guy, let me make it clear that I’ve been making good use of Pandora on the computer;

The guitar is out of the case and on a stand, and the keyboard is set up;

Here’s the view I’m looking at while I write this… (I’m not gloating, really. I’m incredibly humbled and thankful);



The place is amazing, but it’s not my home, and I’m going to be ready to go home in a few months;

Clogged the toilet my first day, and had to drive to Ralphs to buy a plunger;

It’s cold at night. No problem – that’s what extra blankets are for;

I miss Courtney, even though she hung out with me yesterday;

There’s some stuff at home I forgot;

Everything takes about 15-20 minutes longer to get to. I don’t mind;

Because everything takes 15-20 minutes longer to get to, I have to leave now to go to Mosaic.


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3 Responses to Answering the “How’s it Goin” Question

  1. Cindy Shields says:

    Thanks for the update. I know it’s change… indicating more change to come… my heart is with you. I’m also proud of your ‘hippie-like’ managing skills!! heehee. Love ya my Brotha!! Let’s have coffee!! XO

  2. Terence Anderson says:

    If I haven’t told you so lately.. I love ya…in that Godly, manly way. Newspaper works great to wash windows instead of paper towels. You know if we had ‘coffee’ together, I would be ordering one of those frozen, shake like drinks….you may not want to be seen with me.

  3. joannmski says:

    This is an amazing post. We can feel the good and bad, and bittersweet of making needed change. Praying that the ratio of good will continue to rise.

    But come on, let’s make sure that the TV issue gets taken care of soon.

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