Becoming a “No TV” Snob

Whenever I’ve encountered people who proudly claim not to watch TV, I’ve always felt several things, including…

Guilt for the amount of TV I watch;

Disbelief, thinking they’re lying and just trying to look cool;

Rationalization for the amount of TV I watch;

Confusion, when it turns out they still have nice TV’s in their homes.

However, in the past three or four months, I’ve watched much less TV than I used to. The biggest reason is that I no longer have Tivo because of my recent move, which means if I want to watch something I have to actually be home when it comes on, which is not easy with my irregular schedule. So I don’t really keep up with anything on TV anymore.

Tonight, however, I was randomly flipping around some of the channels, and I realized I haven’t been missing anything. For example, I checked out that trainwreck called “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.” I didn’t know whether to laugh, or be disgusted, or what. I finally just shrugged and thought, “More narcissistic B-List people who can’t get enough attention otherwise so they have to humiliate themselves on TV.”

And most of what I saw tonight was of similar quality. There seems to be another of those Bachelorette things, since apparently people haven’t yet learned that relationships formed under those circumstances are artificial, superficial and moronic. There’s also some sort of obsession MSNBC has with prison documentaries, and of course, you can always find lots of Jon & Kate.

So while I don’t think I’ll become the total “I don’t watch TV except for PBS” kind of person, and while I’ll still enjoy lots of Seinfeld reruns and my West Wing DVD’s, I think I’m pretty much over most TV. Soon, if we’re ever at some sort of social gathering and you mention something you watch, you’ll see me get a look of quiet superirority on my face, and I’ll say something like, “I’m not familiar with that – I don’t really watch much TV.”

And I’ll feel cool, while you, on the other hand, quickly end your conversation with me and rush off to find someone more fun.


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4 Responses to Becoming a “No TV” Snob

  1. I find myself in a similar situation. Although my schedule is a bit more regular than yours, I watch much less TV than I used to. I still feel guilty about the amount I do watch, especially the three hour Laker Playoff/Finals games.

    If we are ever at a social event we can join in superirority as we look blankly at someone who brings up some TV show for which we are unfamiliar. However, in the back of my mind will be the fact that as I get older, every second I am alive I move further away from the target demographic that the TV progammers aim for. They just don’t make TV shows for old dudes pushin’ 50.

    In the interest of full disclosure, I am planning on watching some inane TV this week. My good buddy, Eddie Medrano, is going to be on ABC’s Wipeout this Wednesday. I am looking forward to seeing him do a faceplant of some sort. That should be entertaining. Feel free to feel superior to me for watching it if you don’t.

  2. Tim and I laugh because have been “we don’t watch TV people”, yet we own six of them. Our son uses a couple for video games and approved DVD’s. I watch old tv shows on DVD while I treadmill, Tim watches NASCAR races, and as a family, we select DVD’s that are wholesome for fun family evenings. And then, there’s the little DVD player in the car for when I get bored while driving. Just kidding.

    But as for actual television, we haven’t watched it for years. When Justin was young, we began looking at what we viewed through different eyes. If it was something that flew in the face of values we taught him (and we wouldn’t have wanted him to walk in on us while we watched it), we gave it up. And after not viewing the majority of what’s been on television for years, we are usually pretty shocked when we do get a glimpse of it.

    I’ve often wondered why Christians will speak against immorality, bad language and excessive violence yet justify viewing it on television. Or complain about what’s on television, yet not be able to take a stand to turn off the cable. I don’t mean to sound sanctimonious, but that has mystified me. But I guess, I could also wonder about why we have to own 6 televisions of various sizes. If we really wanted to be spiritual, we could sell 5 of them and use the money for a more worthy cause.

    This concludes my mental meanderings.

  3. Miss Cindy :) says:

    I appreciate all these comments. TV is often an over-used babysitter for kids and parents alike… and yes, pickins are kinda lean depending on whether or not you’re blessed with cable… BUT there are quality shows out there that educate and enlighten. As for the bad language and violence, I wince at those, too but in the case of movies, sometimes there can be a very powerful, worthwhile message buried beneath all that icky stuff. I love seeing God’s truths revealed in these instances!! For me, TV is that familiar “white noise” I grew up with, and has been a wonderful teacher for me as an actress/entertainer. I watch a lot of it but am also very active in my community so I guess that’s how I can justify it??!! heehee!! I’ll understand if I bring up tv from now on if I just get that blank, superior look in return!! 😉

  4. joannmski says:

    It’s the summer. You’re not missing anything until the fall.

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