Bigger Than Me

It has been a struggle my whole life, and probably will continue to be a struggle. My whole life, I’ve evaluated nearly everything that goes on through one main filter…

How does this affect me?

This doesn’t mean I’m a completely selfish person, all the time. I have my decent moments. But unfortunately, the bottom line for me is,  all too often,  me.

My biggest concern the past several months has been keeping it together financially. That’s the biggest concern of most people. I’ve never lived through a time like this before.

But neither have many other people.

That’s why I’m committing myself, right here and now on with blog, with a vast reading audience rapidly approaching double digits, to regularly write about ways to invest into the lives of other people.

If you have a project or a cause you’re passionate about, specifically one that serves people who are more stuck than you are, let me know about it. I’ll post it here.


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2 Responses to Bigger Than Me

  1. Jan Yarosko says:

    The first thing I thought of when I read your blog was that God is faithful to bring people across our path. Last summer I was looking for someone for my son to hang out with and I called a lady whos son had been in the same scout troop as my son Jon. I invited her family to come over and swim. When she came over I noticed she was signing to her young daughter. I told her I used to be an sign language interpreter years ago and that I would help her with signlanguage if she wanted me to. Months later I invited them over to make cookies and do a craft project. I want this little girl to grow up knowing there are other people out there that can communicate with her and care about her. They have stopped by several times just to hang out – I haven’t seen them for a while so I guess it’s time to give them a call.

  2. Miss Cindy :) says:

    Well, I’ve enjoyed the wonderful world of being on Torrance Council of PTAs. Every month we get to meet with, support and encourage HARD-WORKING PTA Presidents from all 30 of Torrance’s schools, who will go back to their units and (hopefully!!) bless all the kids at their schools! Parent volunteering substantially drops in middle school…even more in high school… so any volunteering one does at a school is truly a BLESSING! PTA provides so much (I think a whole lot more than parents realize~ I sure didn’t know until I got involved at my kids’ schools!) Anyway… yay PTA!! 🙂 Whatever time or attention you can donate to a child is never a waste (even if they don’t act like they care/notice at the time.) You never know what goes on at home… what a wonderful opportunity to give them just a little bit of love and encouragement. Such an honor and always fun, too!! XO

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