Back For Another Year

Today I began my 2nd year of Music Teaching at Crossroad Christian Academy.

My first year was challenging in many ways, particularly due to a class I reffered to as the Xth Grade Class. For some odd logic, I didn’t think I should reveal what class they were. Well, they were the sixth graders, and now they’re the seventh graders. We’re done using the Xth thing.

I wrote about this class several times…

Don’t Mess With Me, ___ Graders


The War Continues.

The year got a little better from time to time, but I and most other teachers agreed that the 6th grade class wasn’t a good experience. There had to be intervention from the principal, pastor and school board. Some of the students were not permitted to return to the school this year. Others didn’t return for economic reasons. All of this not returning stuff resulted in a much smaller class this year.

This year’s 7th grade class (last year’s 6th) contains 12 students. There are one or two of the crazy ones from last year, but the rest of the class are the cool ones who want to learn. We had a great time today.

Last year’s first day of school ended with the 6th grade class completely out of control in my room, with me unable to stop them, and finally having to bring in two middle school teachers to help me regain order.

This year’s first day of school ended with 12 of those same kids, now in 7th grade, playing music with me, laughing, working together, and leaving with a good attitude.

May today’s change signal a change in many things, personal and professional,  this school year.


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2 Responses to Back For Another Year

  1. Gloria says:

    Learn thrugh play, learn through challenge, learn through risk and results.

  2. joannmski says:

    I love it. A new year, and better all around.

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