This is a recap of the past several days. I’m having a hard time writing in the blog lately, but hopefully that spark will come back. There are a lot of new things in the works, so that means there may be a lot of new things to make fun of. We’ll hope for the best.

Anyway, the past several days…

“Whale of a Day” Festival here at Pt Vincente in Palos Verdes. Lots of people, lots of exhibits, and lots of hope of seeing whales from the whale museum. As far as I could tell from where I was, the whales stayed away.

The Oscars – I’ve only seen one of the best picture nominees, and it didn’t win.  It wasn’t really my plan to watch the event, but I just sort of had it on while I was doing other school-related work. So certain things caught my attention – like that girl from Precious NOT winning, despite Oprah’s best efforts. I also thought Sandra Bullock’s speech was long, and rambling.

Uganda – The past few weeks I’ve been thinking about going to Uganda this July to help with some missionary/music projects that my friends are involved with. I’ve been kind of going back and forth with it, and last night I finally decided to just do it. So, if the funding comes together that I need, I’ll be hanging in Uganda later this year. I’ll write more about that in a few days.

Got new guitar picks today. AND, got to shop for a lot of new sound equipment for one of my schools. No purchases yet, just fact-finding.

Enjoyed church at Mosaic this morning. Got my brain stretched, as is usually the case.

Planning to talk more about jazz at school this week.

**Making it a personal objective to be much more sarcastic, much more often, on Facebook, in this blog, in classes, and in other areas. I’ve been holding back.


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