A month ago in my blog I wrote there would be some changes taking place this year.  One change involves taking risks, doing unexpected things, and stepping out after being in survival/seclusion mode for a while. So – it’s time for Uganda.

Some very good friends of mine started an organization a few years ago, called Loving One By One. I’ll call them LOBO. LOBO focuses their efforts on one small area in Uganda, and has established an orphanage and a school, and is also involved in immunizations, food programs, and other projects to bring hope to a sad part of the world.

There are many places in the world that need volunteers to come and spend a week or a month, helping people find the hope that God offers all of us. Uganda just happens to be one of those places, and it happens to be the place where good friends have already begun some incredible projects. So it’s the place I’m planning to go, July 4 – 18.

Many of my blog readers share my Christian convictions; many don’t. However, all my readers have a common concern for social injustices throughout the world. All my readers have a common concern for children who lack many of the basic necessities that we take for granted. And all my readers, I would guess, would jump at an opportunity to be involved in making a change and doing something that matters.

So here’s the fun part. The costs of this trip are high, and I’m going to need people to help sponsor me. (“Sponsor me” means help pay for it). Oh sure, I know many of you are thinking…  “Ha! That crazy Charley – he’s going to tug at our heartstrings and get us to send him money, and then he’s going to run out to Guitar Center and buy a new amp or something.” And if I were you, I would be concerned as well – though I probably wouldn’t begin my sentence with the word “ha.”

But you can set your fears aside. Loving One By One is a legal, nonprofit organization, and your contributions will be directed toward them, not me. Plus, your contributions toward my trip will be tax-deductible. So, no new amps for me, and that’s actually perfectly fine with me because it seems like I already carry enough stuff around.

I’m going to be sending letters to various people with this same information, and a little more detail. But this blog is meant to get your thinking started. So all kidding aside – if you know me and believe I’m a person of integrity, and if you think I would do something in Uganda that resonates with your own heart for struggling people, please consider helping with this project. I have a little less than two months to secure the funding.

If you are interested and want to know more, I can be contacted at . If you would like to send this blog to others who don’t normally read it, but may be interested, have at it.

Finally, thank you for reading this, and for considering being involved. If this isn’t your thing, no problem.

Talk to you soon!


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