Ask Me Anything, the Sequel

OK blog readers, I realize I’ve been failing in my blog responsibilities lately. I’ve been busy. That’s all I’ve got – but it’s true.

I hope to write some posts from Uganda next month. But I don’t want to make my loyal readers wait. So I’m bringing back Ask Me Anything. Ask Me Anything was a feature on this blog from last year, and it seemed to go over pretty well. When I say “go over pretty well,” I mean it gave me things to write about and make fun of, and that was a success for me.

So here are the rules for Ask Me Anything, the Sequel:

1.  You can ask me any question you want, about anything;

2.  If I want to answer it, I will.

Well, I guess those are the only two rules for Ask Me Anything the Sequel. Thank you very much, and bring on the questions!!

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