All Funds Have Been Raised!

I just wanted to let you all know that as of this weekend, all the funds I need for my upcoming Uganda trip have been raised!! So, thank you to so many friends and family members who have gotten involved and helped to make this happen.

Here’s the scoop for the next few weeks…

1.  Finish the school year for both schools;

2.  Clean both classrooms, including safe removal of all toxic waste materials (“toxic waste materials” includes any country music recordings which may have accidentally found their way into either classroom);

3.  Go see U2 in Anaheim on June 17. I swear, if Bono starts griping to the crowd about helping the orphans in Africa, I’m going to stand up and yell – “I AM!!! SO GET OFF MY BACK!!!”

4.  Continue telling the Lovely Miss Courtney, “I don’t need a Father’s Day gift,” and then wait with anticipation to see what she gets me;

5.  Continue researching to find the Starbucks, Borders and golf courses in Kampala, Uganda. So far I haven’t been able to find any online, but I’m sure I’m just missing something. They have to be there;

6.  Take malaria pills;

7.  Decide which baseball cap(s) to take with me (I’ll need your prayers as I make this vital decision).

I think that’s it. I’ll write more blog stuff, maybe, over the next few weeks if I get a chance. Otherwise, stay tuned for updates from Uganda.

Here’s a video of some of LOBO’s work, providing food for street orphans in Kampala. Thanks again, everyone!!!!


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