Top Ten Excuses for Not Going to Uganda

Just to be fair, and as a followup to my “Top Ten Reasons to Go to Uganda” post, here are the “Top Ten Excuses for Not Going to Uganda.” Along with each excuse, I’ve provided a response. I’m so helpful on this blog sometimes, it’s amazing.

Here we go…

10.    I can’t afford a trip like that.   Neither could I. Neither can many of the people who go. Chances are you have many friends and/or family members who would love to contribute a small amount, or maybe a large amount.  Do some research on Loving One By One, and put the word out to your people, and see if you get any responses.


9.   I won’t know anyone on the team.  This is totally no problem at all. You’ll be working closely with a lot of people you don’t know, and you’ll make friends within a day or two. And on the off chance you don’t like anyone on the team, just be nice and deal with it and in two weeks, you’ll go back home. It’s all good.

8.  This trip sounds dangerous.  It’s not.

7.  I heard that guy Ken with LOBO is really strange.  He is, but he’s harmless. Sort of like me.

6.  I don’t deal very well with sick and/or impoverished people.  I can relate, because I don’t deal very well with them either. But on my first day of working out there, I found it wasn’t an issue for me anymore. Or maybe it’s just a Uganda thing, because I still don’t want to deal with sick people here. Impoverished maybe; not sick. I think the sick people in Uganda are just a lot cooler than the sick people here. Anyway, you’ll be fine.

5.   I don’t like getting shots.  Sure, that sounds like a reasonable excuse. You might have a few minutes of pain, or maybe a day of discomfort. That’s a good reason to not help people who are struggling to stay alive. (That was meant to be sarcastic).

4.   I don’t think I can learn the language.  Most people there speak English. That includes some of the members of your team. (HA – just kidding; they all speak it. Some with accents). There will be Ugandan people you see every day who struggle with English, but there will always be someone who can translate for you. You’ll probably pick up a few words of their language.  I’m really bad with languages, but I did fine.

3.  I don’t have useful (i.e. medical) skills for a trip like this.  I don’t have medical skills, and I can’t build things, and don’t have any of the traditional “mission trip” skills you might think are needed.  I plugged in right away and found ways to help. Who knows, maybe you too can become an optometrist.

2.   I don’t think I’m physically/emotionally/spiritually strong enough for this.  You’ll be fine!! You’re not doing this by yourself.  If you need to take a day off, you can take it off. Chances are, you’ll find you’re loving the work so much, you won’t want to take a day off. But don’t worry. You’ll be fine.

1.  I’m addicted to my computer, I-pad and phone and don’t think I can survive without them.  OK – A, you probably need to find a way to get over that;  and B, you can bring all those things with you. Internet service is a little unpredictable, but it’s there.

Is this trip for everyone?  Probably not everyone – but chances are it’s for you. If you have any questions at all, contact me. You can do this!!


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