A Few Questions, Just for the Record

For those of you (and sometimes that includes me) who use the expression “just for the record,” I have a few questions about that. These questions might also apply to “setting the record straight,” or any of the other “record” variations. Like, “I’d like to go on the record…”

1.  Where exactly is this “record?” 

2.  Who is keeping it?

3. Is there more than one record-keeping organization? And could a record-keeping organization also be called a “record label?” (HA)

4.  Can I see my own “record?”

5.  Can I see other people’s “records?”

6.  If you do something to “set the record straight,” how long does it take for the actual record adjustment to take effect? Will the appropriate people be notified once the record has been set straight? How will they be notified, and who exactly are these people?

7.  Every time you say, “just for the record,” does what you’re about to say actually go into a record? Every time? What if what you’re saying is something you’ve said before? Does it go in  there more than once? Or what if what you’re saying isn’t all that bright? Do you really want that in the record? Who decides what really is worthy of going into the record, and what isn’t?

8.   When you reach a certain age,  is your record cleared?

Just for the record, this isn’t a huge deal – just a few things I’ve been wondering.


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2 Responses to A Few Questions, Just for the Record

  1. 8. Yes, unless it is in your permanent record, which is a fearsome and terrible thing.

  2. Allison says:

    Just for the record, I think this post is full of too many questions and not enough answers ….

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