Two Ways to Help

Hello blog readers.

Over the next several weeks while you’re making plans and enjoying Thanksgiving and Christmas, chances are you may also be thinking about ways you can give to others who really need the help. I’ve of course written many times on this blog about Loving One By One Ministries (LOBO), and the great work they’re doing in Uganda. You can find out more about LOBO by clicking the link on the right of this page, and you can read about my summer adventures with LOBO by clicking the “Uganda” tab at the top of this blog. Confused yet? Good. Stay with me.

If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you know that I have absolutely no hesitancy at all about asking you to consider LOBO as part of your charitable giving. These people are doing great work, sometimes nearly impossible work, among some of the most hopeless people you’ll ever meet. Between the New Creation Family Home and the New Creation Centre (school), as well as the twice-yearly medical teams, Loving One by One is affecting literally thousands of people per year.

So I want to quickly give you two ways you can help them financially right away. Maybe one need or the other will catch your interest, and you will decide to get involved financially.

1.  Sponsor a Child at New Creation Centre     New Creation Centre is LOBO’s school in Kampala, Uganda. It costs $20 a month to sponsor a student there, and there is currently a big need for more sponsors. The educational system in Uganda is sorely lacking, and the fees to attend public schools are out of reach for most families. So for the bargain price of $20 per month, the students at New Creation Centre are given a high quality education with a strong Christian emphasis, and are prepared to go into their communities and make a difference. 

2.  The Matching Funds Construction Project   From now through the end of December, all donations given toward construction on LOBO’s nine-acre future home will be matched, up to $50,000. I’ve written about this project already, but in a nutshell, LOBO has nine beautiful acres of land, and it’s time to start building on it. The eventual goal is to put their family home, the school, and missionary facilities there.

Both the school sponsorship, and the construction donations, are needed right away. So I’m encouraging you to think about how you’d like to be involved, then click on the Loving One by One link to your right and make it happen. Also, if you’re on my Faceook list, I’ll be posting photos soon of children who need sponsorship.

Thanks! I’ll write more about other fun stuff in a few days.


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