You Need to Know About This Guy

I have a friend named John Torres, and you need to know about him. John’s a very talented singer/songwriter, and his name is a name you’ll soon become very familiar with.

The first time I heard John was at Mosaic’s West L.A. campus (Mosaic is my church). This guy in a white t-shirt and jeans came out on the stage with a guitar, and another guy came with him playing a wooden box. The real name of the wooden box is a “cajon,” but if you’re not familiar with it, it’s just a wooden box. Although it’s a real percussion instrument. But I digress.

John started to play and then he started to sing, and I thought, what the heck. I’m not sure what kind of voice I was expecting to hear, but this voice definitely was something different. Not only a much higher voice than I expected, but a tone that I haven’t heard before.

A few years later I was lucky enough to become John’s friend, and now he and several other people who love music hang out in my living room most Wednesday nights. We eat, laugh at each other, talk about songs we like, and sometimes we actually take out our guitars and play stuff. And when John says, “Hey, I have this new thing I want to show you,” and starts playing a new song that may be literally hours old, I sit there and listen and can’t believe this guy hangs out at my house.

So here’s a video of John Torres. I hope you like  his music, and if you do, check out his website,

Then, if you like the video and you like what you see on the website, come and hear John and friends at Mosaic South Bay this Sunday night, November 20. The regular gathering (that’s Mosaic-ese for “church service”) will be at 4pm.  Then John’s concert will begin at 6:30. There will also be a silent auction benefitting The 24 Foundation. You can read more about this Sunday’s event here.

OK, so this is a lot of information. The main thing – just watch John’s video, and I hope you like the music as much as I do. And if you come to see him this weekend, maybe the guy with the box will be there, too.


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1 Response to You Need to Know About This Guy

  1. AppreciativeOne says:

    Charley, So glad you posted this today. I saw on the sign outside the Torrance Plunge that John was going to be playing this weekend, sponsored by Mosaic, and I was going to ask you “what’s the deal?” Now I don’t have to ask you. Your proactive question-answering is much appreciated. You don’t mention where this guy and the guy with the box will be, but I assume it’s not IN the plunge itself, but in those other buildings nearby.

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