High Hopes for Spring Break

I’ve been off the blog for a while. It hasn’t been intentional, but I seem to have lost the time, and the will to blog. So I’m hoping Spring Break, over the next three weeks, will fix that and more.

I know what you’re thinking. “What? Three weeks?” Or something like that. Let me explain. I work at two schools. School A begins two weeks of spring break next week. During those two weeks, School B will still be in session, so I’ll work those two days, but not the rest of the week.

When those two weeks are over, School B goes on break, while School A returns. So then I’ll work 3 days at School A, and take 2 days off from School B. 

Got it? If you’re lost, let’s just say for the next three weeks, I’ll work a little bit, but not all the time. 

So I have high hopes for Spring Break. So high, in fact, that I’ve capitalized Spring Break, which actually isn’t even necessary. There are a lot of things I need to do, or want to do. I think I’ll get everything done, plus become an entirely new, improved version of myself, during those three weeks of reduced work. I think I’ll finish some writing I’m trying to finish, figure out some people I’m trying to figure out, and maybe learn to play the bagpipes. 

I’m anticipating getting lots of extra sleep, and enjoying a lot of great coffee. Probably not both of those things on the same day.

I’m thinking about cleaning the house thoroughly, and then messing it up on purpose just so I can clean it again. I may do the same thing with my car. Plus change my oil, change the air in my tires, and change the CD’s in my CD player. And change my guitar strings, and my socks. And maybe my Facebook profile photo.

Basically anything that’s undone, imperfect, uncertain or annoying with either me or the world in general, should be able to be corrected during Spring Break. Stay tuned.



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