This Week’s Musical Highlights

In my real job, I teach K-6 music classes at a school, and have a whole mess of private students in addition to that. It’s a wacky musical world I live in. Here are just a few of a this week’s musical highlights…

This week I started teaching piano to an elderly woman who likes to talk a lot. Apparently she really disliked her former teacher because he wasn’t friendly, so I figure as long as I listen to her stories, and occasionally give musical suggestions, we should be good;

During big band practice on Tuesday, a couple wandered into the room where we were practicing and asked if this was the A.A. meeting. I’m not sure what to read into that – either they were really trying to avoid going to the A.A. meeting, or they really NEEDED the A.A. meeting and somehow didn’t notice the saxes, trumpets, trombones and other stuff, or – we were just really doing a bad job on that particular song;

A normally sedate little blonde girl in kindergarten discovered she really, really likes playing drums. I mean, she really likes it;

During ukulele class, after a successful progression of C, Am, & F,  I pointed to a G7 diagram on the board. That’s when a 6th grade girl said, “Here’s where it all goes to hell.”

Hope you’ve all had a similarly fun week.


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