A Rare Political Post

I hate politics. That includes the process, the ads, conversations, all of it. I hate what it  brings out in people. I hate the shortsighted, simplistic, ignorant rants representing both sides. I’m beyond skeptical or cynical, all the way to another more forceful word that I don’t even know yet.

Oh sure, I know all the responses – it’s my duty to vote (like someone’s going to turn me in if I don’t), if I don’t vote I can’t complain (sure I can), if I’m not part of the solution I’m part of the problem (actually I’m pretty sure I’m not part of the problem), etc.

I’m tired of websites called “The Real Truth” or “Just the Facts,” implying that they’re going to give me objective info on the nutty California propositions, when they’re actually just political ads whose writers wouldn’t know the real truth if it bit them on an embarrassing part of their bodies.  However, I’ve continued to search and from my research, I’ve been able to figure out the following:

If I vote “yes” on 30 (in California), it’ll be a panacea to fix all the crappy schools, while collapsing the state’s economy at the same time. Such a deal.

If I vote “no” on 30, I apparently hate the schools, the teachers, and probably the children. However, that is at least partially false.

If I vote “yes” on both 30 and 38, that’ll be bad and may throw the state into financial confusion. And if there’s anything we don’t need, it’s California being in financial confusion.

If I vote “yes” on 30, bazillions of dollars will go to the schools and everything will be fine, and NONE of that money will go to other things in the state’s crippled, mismanaged budget. I know that’s hard to believe because usually designated “school money” does in fact end up going to anything and everything but schools, but this time is different because the legislators have promised not to use it for anything else. So I figure hey, as long as they’ve promised…

And finally, if I vote “yes” on Prop 52, it’ll disqualify my ballot, and hopefully throw the entire election into chaos, since there is no Prop 52 on the ballot.

So I say – Vote “Yes” on Proposition 52.



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