Answering a Few Questions

399486_2897467679169_830732733_nIn a few days, I’ll leave California and head back to Uganda for my 2nd trip with Loving One by One. To read more about Loving One by One and the work they’ve done in Uganda for the past 10 years, click on the “Loving One by One” link that I have  provided for you in this very paragraph. Also, you can just click around this blog. The “Uganda Stories” tab above is a good place to start.

I wanted to take a moment and answer some questions about my trip. Some of these questions have actually been asked; others I’ve made up strictly for comedic purposes.

You were in Uganda two years ago; why are you going back?

Because there is still more work to do. There are still people who are starving, and dying of preventable diseases. We haven’t taken care of all of them yet.

Isn’t it important to take care of people here in the U.S.?

Yes. Go find some and take care of them.  Oh wait – did you mean INSTEAD of going to Africa? Then, no.

Was the trip expensive?

For me, yes. But thanks to the creativity and generosity of a lot of friends who are excited about LOBO’s work in Uganda, it wasn’t a problem.

What scares you the most about returning to Uganda?

Well, nothing really scares me about it. Although the scarcity of bathroom facilities in certain areas, coupled with the possibility of a sudden urgent need for those facilities, gives me concern.

Is it true that in Uganda you’re known as “The Eye Dr. of Love?”

No, only a few people in the States call me that. In Uganda, I’m known as “The Mzungu With Legs Brighter than the Sun.”

Some people might say that your sense of humor can, at times, border on the disrespectful and inappropriate. Does that concern you?

Since none of those people are going with me on this trip, then no.

Are you planning to write another book as a result of this trip?

Not exactly “planning” but “more like thinking over a few ideas.” I just received an email this morning from someone currently in Uganda, which has me thinking. We’ll have to see what happens.

How will this trip differ from the last one?

Ukuleles , baby!!!!

You’ll be working in some of the poorest places in the world, and dealing with a lot of discouraging situations. Does that seem overwhelming?

A little, but the “overwhelming” part is overshadowed by the “we’re actually making a difference” part.

Are you concerned about the many people you may not be able to help?

Of course.  But I’m more concerned about the people we ARE able to help, so that’s why we’re going.  In extreme areas like Uganda, you can never help everyone. But it’s amazing how many thousands you can help in just a two-week period.

How can I financially support Loving One by One?

What a nice question. Click on the Loving One by One link, and you’ll find a donation process on the website. You can give to their general fund, which helps with a lot things like the day-to-day operations of New Creation Center (school), and New Creation Home (home).

You can also specifically designate your gifts for sponsoring a child in the Home, or a student in the School. You can give to the Hope Fund, which pays for emergency surgeries and other large medical expenses we encounter among the people we help in our medical clinics. And you can make donations toward future. building projects on LOBO’s nine-acre property.

For more specific donation possibilities, or for questions about the donation process on the website, send me an email and I’ll help.

I want to go to Uganda! How can I do that?

The LOBO website has contact information. Contact Sherry Roberts and tell her you’re thinking about going to Uganda. Then be prepared to be radically changed.

Will you be blogging or otherwise keeping in touch while in Uganda?

Yes. If you’re among my Facebook friends, watch for frequent updates and photos. I also plan to write a few blog posts. If you’d like to email me, you can reach me at  And finally, if you happen to have my cell number (meaning, I actually know you and have for some reason given it to you), please DO NOT call. Texting is OK, but calls will be about a million dollars a minute.

I hope these have addressed some of your own questions and concerns. Almost time to go!


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