Top Ten Things That Happened at School Today

 Today, these things happened at school…

10. A bunch of sixth graders finally got their first ukulele class, after a crazy first three weeks schedule;

9.  All those sixth graders signed their names on one of my classroom ukuleles with a sharpie, adding to the many other names that are on that ukulele;

8.  First graders played handbells and made bad handbell puns like “belf-control;”

7. Second graders played handbells, with fewer puns, and practiced singing “Come Fly With Me,” including Frank Sinatra words like “koo koo day;”

6. While #6 was happening, an eighth grade girl felt comfortable enough to come into the music room and borrow an amp and a cable – to work on her bass playing;

5.  The above-mentioned eighth grade girl made it a point to say hi to the second graders and tell them how much she likes Frank Sinatra;

4. It was pizza day;

3.  The school year is still new, so the kindergarteners felt compelled to scream “Hi Mr. Miller” every time they saw me. Every time;

2.  There’s an enormous spider web, including an enormous spider who I’m sure plans to eat me, near my room…but a yearbook girl got some nice photos of the spider (handy for future forensic evidence);

1.  I wore my “say aloha to my little friend” t-shirt (above photo). 


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