Sorry About the Blog (Or, “Random Stuff to Get Back Into the Writing Habit”)

1013237_10201833481302102_386870110_nThis is my first blog post in almost three months. I used to blog fairly regularly, and kind of liked doing it, but lately I’ve lost the will to blog. But a few weeks ago I got an email from WordPress, telling me it was time to renew my domain name ( or lose it. So I thought about it, and decided that although I’m in a “don’t know what I want to do with the blog” phase, I figured it was worth the $26 to hold onto the domain name for a while.

The problem is, I still don’t know what to write about. It’s not that I have nothing on my mind; I think it’s more a matter of having too much on my mind at any given time, and I don’t necessarily want to put any of it out there. Years ago I was happy being an introverted, reserved person. Then I took an odd, unexpected turn into the world of pastoral ministry and out of necessity, I became a lot more involved with people than I normally would have been. But now that I’ve been back to my old regular private self for a while now, I really don’t always feel the need to tell people what I’m thinking all that often.

By the way, on the whole pastor thing – in about a month, I will have been out of pastoral ministry for the same amount of years (11) I was in it. I’m not sure what that means, other than the fact I can read a calendar.

Anyway, in an effort to get back to blogging regularly, and since I went ahead and paid the $26 for the domain name again (I literally had forgotten how to log into my site and had to try to remember the password), here is a list of Random Things About Me, in no particular order, for no particular reason…

I just put away all my Christmas decorations, except for a snowman doormat, which stays out all year around, just because we think it’s funny (“we” = me and the Lovely Miss Courtney, my daughter);

I really like Tide detergent, but only buy it when it’s on sale;

I’m very attached to Uganda, and the work Loving One by One does over there;

I need to get new tires in the next month or so. Until then, I wouldn’t ride with me if I were you;

I personally own six ukuleles, and babysit about 50 more;

I have absolutely no enthusiasm for any of the people currently running for President, in either party, and I think we should postpone the election until someone signs up who doesn’t either bore or scare me to death;

I’ve learned more about God, about the world and about people in the last eleven years than in the eleven years before that;

I really like Jerry Seinfeld’s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” You should find it online and check it out.

OK, that’s it for tonight. Thanks for letting me practice on you for this post, and hopefully I’ll be back with something more substantial very soon.

**Note – the photo for this post was chosen for no reason, other than the fact that I’m playing a ukulele in Africa, wearing a hat with the Sock Puppet on it. All that seemed kind of cool.


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7 Responses to Sorry About the Blog (Or, “Random Stuff to Get Back Into the Writing Habit”)

  1. You actually wrote that you’re thinking more than you’re saying. It’s funny, because I think you’re the only person who has ever told me that. Not sure if that says more about you or me. Haha.
    Well, glad you’re writing again, Charles. I’ve missed the laughs.

  2. Eileen McGrath says:

    Quiet time is needed…recharges our batteries.

    Well said about the presidential election…could not agree with you more. Makes for great entertainment! Saturday Night Live will continue to have a lot of fun with Donald and Hillary…that’s a given.

    I too love the work Loving One by One is doing.
    Four months after cancer took my husband in 2013, Holy Spirit pushed me out…and up (and is still doing so). First stop was Uganda. So thankful for Sherry’s awesome response in our phone conversation…an absolute godsend!!! The Ugandans are truly a joyful people….hence the Lord’s method to the seemingly madness of my traveling half way around the world (first time ever out of the U.S.A.) all on my own, during ebola scare…whacky widow on the move! I had to keep the trip top secret…did not want all the chatter about my decision to try and stop me. Ain’t no way anyone can be having any sort of pity party when they encounter that deep poverty, alongside their beautiful smiles!!! I came back so filled…so thankful for all the blessings… what an eye opener! We just plain have too much stuff here at home…we are tripping over it!!! We pay crazy money to store it in pods, storage units, trailers! Remember George Carlin? I need to see if I can find his message on this subject on You Tube. My husband loved Seinfeld. I was not a fan…but I will look up what you suggested just for curiosity’s sake.
    Comparing the elevens…probably could write a book, right?! Why not blog it? I would be interested in hearing your take on it.

  3. Keji says:

    Always good reading a post from you, Charley 🙂

  4. Jeffery Brooks says:

    1. Presidentaly we need a “None of the above ,,,try again” button on the ballot….
    2. Writing is either inspired…or drivel…yours tends to be inspired….
    3. While you and many others focus abroad…as they are lead to I find that there are numerous opportunities we miss to minister right here at home.
    4. While you may see yourself as an introvert…there is evidence to the contray.

  5. Mark P. says:

    Charley good to “read” your voice again! It has been missed. I had the same thought one of your commenters did — I would be very interested in reading a book in which you compare your “Two 11’s” — what did you learn the second 11 you didn’t the first, and would you do either 11 any differently?

    (Of course if you wait awhile, you could compare more 11 year periods, maybe even end up with “Nine 11’s” which is sure to be a big seller.)

    Oh, and, by the way, why are you babysitting 50 ukeles?

  6. Eileen McGrath says:

    Wow…I just had a really interesting discussion on facebook about kindergartens being taught about lesbianism in their classroom…many books for them to choose from to further their five year old education on the subject.
    You should have joined us…pretty sure you would have a few comments to add life to the forum.

  7. eileen mcgrath says:

    Friended you on facebook to hopefully get you to join in on some of the important back and forths we have been having every now and then…Sorry, Charlie – I am not having any luck responding to your blog.

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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