VP Hope is Fading

It’s time to get real – there’s a pretty good chance I won’t actually become  Vice President. Barak, even  though he won’t admit it, is going to go with Hillary. They hung out at Hillary & Bill’s house the other night, and well – there you go. 

 I wish I’d thought of it – a secret meeting at my house. It’s so simple; so obvious. Just bring the guy over and talk to him about it. It’s just that I was kind of busy the past few days with school teaching, **High School Musical rehearsal, church stuff and home stuff, I didn’t get a chance to organize anything, and then before I knew it, Hillary had already arranged to have him over.

I’m pretty sure the VP thing is sewn up at this point, even though they’re not ready to admit it. Oh sure, Barak will go through the motions and have his little team check out some other people, but it’s all a formality. It’s going to be Hillary, and then it’s going to be a mess if he wins.

Hillary won’t want to stay in her little VP office down the street; she’ll set up an office right there in the White House; actually, she’ll just bring an extra folding table into the Oval Office and work from there. And Bill will be hanging around too, talking to girls and giving advice to Barak – plus, he’ll keep doing that annoying thing – reminding people that HE was actually the “first Black president,” which (A) no one really understands, and (B) will cause untold confusion whenever Barak looks in the mirror.

Anyway, I’m not bitter. I’ll let the thing go. And on the off chance that Barak might still want to talk, I have a pretty busy week the week of June 8-15, but then I’m OK for a few months. Call me.

**Yes, I’m doing that dang show again. Don’t ask.


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2 Responses to VP Hope is Fading

  1. Miss Cindy :) says:

    The ultimate, “Oh don’t mind me” is that after she sets up her folding table, her coffee mug will suddenly start appearing right next to Barak’s by the Mr. Coffee and container of Yuban. Yeesh! Some people!

  2. joannmski says:

    I don’t think Hilary will do it. She’s already been the VEEP!

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