The Real Reason Obama Didn’t Choose Hillary

It turns out that a lot of people in the Hillary Clinton Camp (which I believe is located somewhere in New York and features boating and archery) are bent because Barak didn’t choose her to be VP. There’s a little article about here.

With true politician skill, Barak has answered those critics with the old standard line: “She’s (Hillary) going to be an important voice in this campaign.” Well, there you go. But wait, there’s more: “She’s going to be an important voice in moving this country forward.”

Just a little insight for you here – if someone is going to be an “important voice,” that means THEY’RE NOT GOING TO BE INVOLVED IN ANYTHING IMPORTANT. In other words, “Sorry Hillary, I wanted Biden and not you. But don’t worry, you’ll be an important voice (probably, someplace, but not to me).”

Barak, there’s no need to give Hillary the “important voice” line. She knows what it means; she and her husband have used it before. Instead just be truthful and tell her the real reason why you didn’t choose her:

“Hillary, I know your millions of supporters, and probably you yourself, really wanted you to get to be VP. But the fact is, I went with Biden because frankly, if I had to listen to your voice every day, I’d eventually have to stick a fork in my eye.”

OK, this is officially the last time (probably) I’ll make fun of Obama’s VP choice. Not necessarily the last time I’ll make fun of Obama, or Hillary, but the last time (probably) I’ll make fun of the VP thing. Probably.


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